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Transportation Services For Seniors – When you no longer have the ability and freedom to drive, life can be a challenge. Many seniors feel stranded and resentful that they can no longer come and go as they used to. We often take for granted the ease of driving and handling our own errands. While it may be easy for family members to take on many of your loved one’s errands, remember the confidence it brings to be able to do for yourself without relying on everyone else.
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Our transportation services for seniors, and escort services allow your loved one to maintain some level of independence and satisfaction in taking care of life’s day-to-day items, while preventing them from having to lean on their family members. When our clients use this service, we often experience a renewed spirit and excitement within them.

What can our transportation and escort services involve?

- Grocery shopping

- Trips to the post office

- Outings to the hair dresser

- Doctor’s appointments

- Gift shopping

- Dry cleaning pick up and drop off

- Religious services 

- Restaurants

- Social events

- Sightseeing

- And more…

Errands can be accomplished with your loved one or without them if they aren’t up to the task. At SenCura we understand the value in seniors continuing to be able to get out and about and we know how hard it can be for family members to shoulder these tasks. Let us help. Call us today to learn more about our transportation and escort services and see what a difference it can make in the life of your loved one.

All caregivers are licensed and insured with their own automobiles. We can also use the family car, if you prefer, with the appropriate documentation. Learn more about our Transportation Service. Call: 703-880-2547

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