Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring For Seniors – With all of our services, we offer an open line of communication with families regarding the status of their loved one. We’re in this together and communication is key to providing the best care possible. Our caregivers are trained to alert us to any changes they observe. If Mom or Dad isn’t getting around as easily as they once were, you’ll hear from us. If they have made changes within the home that may present a fall risk, we’ll let you know and make suggestions.
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All emergencies will be handled through emergency services or hospice, when applicable, but for day-to-day updates and safety, you can count on us.
We monitor for:
- Changes in your loved one’s mobility
- Changes in mood
- Differences in meal consumption
- Varying sleep patterns
- Complaints of pain and other health-related concerns
- Changes in abilities to complete tasks
- Fall risks, including cords, rugs and other items blocking pathways
Rest easy knowing that if something changes with your loved one, you will hear from us. Call us today to get started. Call: 703-880-2547
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