Sometimes the most important piece of keeping your loved one at home is simply having someone to keep them company. Seniors who live alone are at higher risk for:

- Social isolation
- Depression
- Falls and other injuries
- Lacking needed assistance in an emergency
- Financial scams
- Poor medication management

Our experienced and caring companions are the perfect solution to preventing these risks in your loved ones.
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What Can a Companion Do?
Our companionship provides the love, compassion and care so often needed by seniors living alone. SenCura’s caregivers are supportive, friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Your loved one’s activities during care times will be tailored to their personal interests, and, if they need a little encouragement to get going, our companions will arrange activities to spark their interest.
Activities can include:
- Reading and discussions
- Playing games and cards
- Doing puzzles
- Taking walks
- Personal hobbies
- Crafts
- Art projects
- Organizing their home paperwork
- Sending letters and cards to loved ones
- Assistance with computer
- And anything that encourages your loved one to be mentally and/or physically active!
We understand the numerous benefits of keeping minds and bodies active, and it’s our goal to bring happiness and friendship to your loved one’s life. Seniors are more likely to get engaged in activities again with the help, support and reassurance of our professional caregivers. SenCura can relieve the worry you have been experiencing wondering how your senior is doing during the day. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing we are providing engaging, meaningful activities and monitoring while you are away.
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