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As we age, chores that were once simply unappealing can become just too much to handle. Sencura’s Caregivers assist with meal planning and preparation reducing or eliminating the need for clients to cook
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As we age, chores that were once simply unappealing can become just too much to handle. Our household chores services allow your loved one’s home to continue to be a clean, safe place for them to live.
Available household services include:
- Vacuuming
- Light dusting
- Kitchen cleaning
- Cleaning out the refrigerator
- Changing beds
- Washing, folding and putting away clothes
- Mopping
- Other basic household needs
Having our professionals perform these tasks allows your loved one to continue to feel comfortable and happy in their home. Their home will be ready to receive guests and will remain a safe, organized place for them to navigate with ease. Having assistance with household chores allows for greater independence with daily functioning, as well.
Meal Preparation Services
If you’ve ever had to cook for just one person, you can easily understand how senior’s diets can become of concern. As we age, our eating habits naturally tend to change. Many seniors reduce their food and fluid intake. Pair that with mobility challenges and less energy, and it’s easy to see why many seniors face nutritional concerns.
Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining good health, and good eating habits are especially critical for those with special needs like diabetes, hypoglycemia and heart conditions requiring a low-sodium diet. In addition to nutrition, monitoring adequate hydration is also key to keeping your loved one healthy. Dehydration can cause a variety of health problems and is one of the leading causes of hospitalizations in older adults.
So what can SenCura do to help?
Caregivers can document daily food and liquid intake.
They encourage adequate eating and drinking.
They can help with planning and preparing healthy meals.
Caregivers can assist with grocery shopping and stocking pantries.
They provide company, which naturally encourages your loved one to eat.
Call us today to learn more about our meal preparation and household chore services. 
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