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What Services Are Offered With Home Care Assistance?

· Senior Home Care
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Your mom hates the idea of moving, but it's time that she has more help around the home than is currently arranged. You're interested in home care assistance and wonder if the services match her needs. Here's what your mom can have help with around the home.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Does your mom have a hard time planning and preparing meals? She may have been a fantastic cook when you were a kid, but switching gears and cooking for one is more difficult than you might imagine. Sometimes, it seems easier to buy frozen dinners and avoid the dirty dishes.

If your mom has a hard time planning a weekly menu that matches her needs and then preparing a single meal, meal preparation services are essential. Let the caregiver work with her to plan meals, prepare them, sit with her while she eats, and clean up the kitchen after.

Light Housekeeping

Some of the household chores your mom needs to complete are getting harder for her to manage. She's okay dusting, but moving the heavier vacuum around the house is challenging. She struggles to vacuum stairs and move the vacuum from one floor of her home to the other.

Home care aides can vacuum, dust, sanitize surfaces, and sweep floors. They can also do the dishes, run a dishwasher, and put clean dishes away. They can do the laundry, too.

Personal Care

Does your mom need help with personal care needs like bathing, washing her hair, and trimming nails? She might have a hard time figuring out what to wear each day or buttoning and zipping her shirts and pants. Caregivers can help with that.

Appointment Scheduling

Does your mom struggle to make appointments? If the scheduling system involves menu options or uses a voice-activated system during a phone call, does your mom give up? If she needs to schedule her appointments on a computer, can she do it?

Hire caregivers to help her schedule appointments. On appointment days, her aides can help her get ready and leave the house on time. If she needs a ride, her caregiver can bring her to and from the business or medical office.


Your mom no longer drives. She can't get to stores, medical offices, friends' houses, or other establishments without you taking her. You could hire home care assistance for transportation services.

Caregivers can drive her for you, which prevents you from needing to take off unpaid time from work. When you're with your mom, you're free to enjoy time together as the errands are done. Instead of worrying about the chores that need doing, take your mom out to lunch and a museum tour. Caregivers have taken care of the rest.

Call a home care specialist and ask about these services. With the right plan of services, your mom has home care assistance for personal care, housekeeping, and other essential companion care services. Learn more about pricing and scheduling during your conversation with a home care assistance specialist.

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