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What Can Your Senior Expect with 24-hour Home Care?

· 24-Hour Home Care,Fairfax VA
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Being a family caregiver means spending a lot of time ensuring that your elderly family member has the help that she needs. Eventually you may need to look into additional types of care, especially if you’re burning the candle at both ends to try to keep up with what your senior requires.

What Is 24-hour Home Care?

24-hour home care is a specific type of care in which caregivers are there with your elderly family member all around the clock. Most of the people who opt for this type of care want to remain in their own homes, even if they need a bit more assistance with daily tasks than they have ever needed in the past. People who need around-the-clock care may have serious health issues, including dementia, or they may simply need someone there all the time.

Help with All Sorts of ADLs

When you start this type of care for your senior, there’s an initial assessment of what types of help she needs. Your elderly family member may need help with personal care tasks, mobility, reducing fall risk, and more. Over time, you and your senior’s caregivers may need to reassess what types of care she needs.

Reduced Anxiety and Loneliness

Often seniors who are ready for this type of elder care may feel a lot of anxiety about being alone. Loneliness is another big factor. Knowing that there is someone there with her can be tremendously reassuring, both for your senior and for you. When loneliness, anxiety, and other difficult emotions are addressed, your senior is likely to feel improvement in all areas of her life.

Improved Safety

Having caregivers there with your senior all the time helps to keep her as safe as possible. Home care providers are well-versed in all of the various safety hazards that are typical for seniors living at home, and they can also be on the lookout for specific fall risk factors that apply to your senior’s unique situation. Keeping your elderly family member’s home tidy and clean is just one way that they can help to keep her safe at home.

Care That Adjusts to Meet Her Needs

Some days may be better than others are for your elderly family member. That can mean that sometimes she needs a lot more help and other days she’s able to do a lot more on her own. Over time, her health can also change, requiring different levels of care.

Assistance at All Hours of the Day and Night

If your elderly family member doesn’t sleep well at night or is more likely to experience difficulties at night, then 24-hour care is an important option to consider for her. This is especially true if you’ve been losing sleep to assist your senior at night and then having trouble staying on top of things during the day.

Having the right kind of care for your senior is the key to ensuring that she’s able to meet her goals and be both comfortable and safe in her home.

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