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What Activities Are Best for Mid to Late Stage Dementia? 

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When your elderly loved one was diagnosed with dementia, it may have come as a shock. The truth is this disease is tough on everyone, even the family members. It is perfectly normal to be taken back by the diagnosis. However, now that you know about it, it may help to learn more about the stages and what can be done during each of them. For instance, most people aren’t even diagnosed until the mid-stages of dementia. If your elderly loved one is in the mid to late stage, you may be wondering what activities are best for them. 

Listening to Music 

One activity that is great for people who are in the mid to late stages of dementia is music. Research shows that music can help to bring back positive memories and feelings. It has also been shown to help people feel a sense of peace, calmness, and happiness. There are many different types of music, so you and the personal care at home providers may have to try different ones to see what helps your elderly loved one the most.  

Looking at Pictures 

By this point in the disease, your elderly loved one likely has significant memory loss. However, they may not have forgotten everything from their past. In fact, your elderly loved one may remember some of their childhood or early adulthood years. If that is the case, it may be fun or a good idea to show them pictures from those years. Doing this could help your elderly loved one to feel more at ease. Some family caregivers who show their elderly loved one pictures say it helps them to stop feeling so agitated. This could work if you or a personal care at home provider show your elderly loved one pictures when they are feeling upset, as well.  

Using Pet Therapy 

Another activity that is great for people with mid to late stage dementia is pet therapy. There are numerous studies and a lot of research that show this type of therapy can help to ease tension, irritability, and feelings of sadness in people who have dementia. There are numerous ways that you can get your elderly loved one involved in pet therapy. There are some therapy offices that offer this service. However, you could also bring a pet to your elderly loved one’s home and have them spend time with that pet.  


These are some of the many different activities that are helpful for those who have mid to late stage dementia. Even though there is no cure right now for dementia, it is still a good idea for people with this disease to do activities that help them feel better in the moment.  

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