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Top Lung Health Activities for the Elderly

· Lung Health,Elder Care
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Does your elderly loved one have lung health issues? Maybe, it is due to asthma or another lung health condition. It could just be that they have a difficult time breathing due to getting older. No matter what the case may be, there are many lung health activities that you and elder care providers can get your elderly loved one to do that can help a great deal. 

Getting Vaccinated

One of the reasons that so many senior citizens have lung health issues is because they become sick with the flu, common cold, respiratory infections, or Covid. However, some of the time, these conditions are preventable. There are vaccinations that your elderly loved one can get that can help them to stay healthier. If they don’t become ill with these conditions, they can keep breathing well. 

Improving Air Quality

Another way that you and elder care providers can help your elderly loved one to breathe better is by improving the air quality in their home. The best way to do this is by making sure that an air purifier is put into their home and running at all times. It would also be a good idea to make sure the vents are cleared out before running the air conditioning unit this summer.

Exercising Regularly

You and elder care providers should get your elderly loved one to exercise regularly, too. Did you know that studies show senior citizens who exercise regularly are much less likely to get sick? Not only that, but exercising can greatly improve your elderly loved one’s breathing capabilities, too. 

Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Did you know that one reason many senior citizens have a difficult time breathing is because of inflammation in their lungs and airways? Part of the reason for this inflammation is unhealthy foods that are filled with chemicals and other toxins. When someone puts these things into their body they are much more likely to have inflammation throughout their body, especially in their lungs and airways. 

Staying Hydrated

Did you know that people who stay hydrated can breathe easier and more deeply than those who are dehydrated? Part of the reason for this is due to the inflammation that happens in the person’s body when they are dehydrated. If your elderly loved one isn’t drinking enough water, then you or elderly care providers should remind them to do so. 


These are some of the top lung health activities for the elderly that you and elder care providers should be able to help your elderly loved one with. Now that you know about these activities, hopefully, your elderly loved one will start implementing these things regularly. It should help them to breathe easier and more deeply. If they continue to have difficulties breathing, be sure that you or an elder care provider take them in to see their doctor as soon as you can. 

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