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Tips To Help Seniors Get The Best Deals With Grocery Delivery

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Along with senior home care, grocery delivery can really help seniors age in place safely and comfortably. Grocery shopping can be difficult for seniors, especially those who have balance problems, mobility challenges, or mental health challenges like anxiety. When seniors have senior home care, a caregiver can help them grocery shop. They can also help them use apps on a smart phone to shop from their favorite stores and have grocery items delivered. Seniors who want to take advantage of grocery delivery but still want to use coupons can get great deals on their food and household items to save them money.

Use Digital Coupons

Coupons have gone digital, and most of the stores that are set up for grocery delivery allow shoppers to clip coupons digitally and apply them to their order. Some stores also allow shopper to type in the manufacturers code on their paper coupons and use those too. When seniors stack coupons and digital coupons and combine them with other deals and things like rewards points it’s possible to get impressive deals on everyday items.

Shop The Sales

Stores also have their own weekly sales. Seniors can look in the paper to see what stores are having the best deals that week and do their shopping according to the sales. Or, when using an app to shop and have groceries delivered seniors can look under the sale tab to see what items are on sale in the store. When sales have great sales like buy one get one free deals it’s smart to stock up and then freeze or store any extra items so that they can be used in the future. Seniors who are watching their spending can find great deals and discounts just by paying attention to the weekly sales at stores in the area.

Pick Up The Order

Grocery delivery is very convenient, but there is usually a delivery charge and tip that goes to the driver. If seniors want the convenience of shopping online without those extra costs, they can have their senior home care provider drive to the store to pick up the order. All they need to do is pull up to a designated parking area, check in on an app, and the store employees will bring all the groceries out and put them in the car. That will save money but still be very convenient, especially for seniors that don’t drive any longer.

Use Reward Cards

Keeping track of the individual reward cards that stores use can be tough sometimes, but the savings make it work it. By using rewards cards seniors can get even better deals on the staples they use all the time. If they pay for their orders with a credit card that offers cash back or reward points they can get money back just for shopping for groceries.

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