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Three Ways Elder Care Helps You, and Three Ways it Helps Your Mom

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Have you looked at the benefits of home care? It's a service that ensures your mom maintains her independence. But, elder care also helps you. Here are three ways caregivers help your mom and three ways it helps you.

You Can Focus on Important Tasks

When you're with your mom, you can enjoy your time with her and not rush to get things done. When she's with a caregiver, you're able to fully focus on important tasks like your job, your children, and your significant other. You won't feel like you're being pulled in different directions.

She's Able to Come and Go As She Wants

Your mom isn't able to drive anymore, and she feels stuck at home. With a caregiver stopping by each week, your mom has someone else to drive her to stores, area attractions, and shopping malls. She has a ride to her appointments.

You Have Less on Your Schedule

If you're a family caregiver, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Planning and cooking meals for your mom and then going home to do the same is exhausting. Cleaning your mom's house and your own is also wearing you out.

With elder care services helping at your mom's home, you have less to get done each day. You'll be less stressed and have more time for fun activities with your mom.

She Doesn't Feel Like She's Burdening You

It can be very difficult for older adults to accept help from their children. Your mom feels like a burden. Even if you've never said anything of that nature, she may feel this way. If you hire caregivers to help her, she won't feel that she's a burden, which makes her happier.

You Gain Peace of Mind

How does elder care help you? Start with the peace of mind you gain. You don't live close enough to visit your mom more than every few weeks. During that time, you spend a lot of hours worrying that your mom is feeling lonely and isolated.

You worry that she's fallen and can't reach a phone to notify others. You might worry about her not eating properly. Or, she's gone outside and locked herself out of her house accidentally and has to walk miles to the next house in her area. All of these worries increase your stress.

She Enjoys Regular Social Visits

Your mom benefits from regular social visits from her caregiver. She looks forward to these visits where she has someone to talk to, join her on outings, or help her cook meals. She and her caregiver can play games and watch movies together.

Arrange elder care services like companion care and meal preparation with ease. Talk to an advisor about your mom's daily routine and the areas that you worry about the most. You'll work with the home care assistance specialist to create a care plan that makes you and your mom happy.

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