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The Importance of Staying Active in Your Senior Years

· Senior Home Care

Senior care can be so very helpful in keeping your loved one active in their senior years, especially since this is something that is helpful for everyone. Your seniors may tend to slow down or avoid activity for many different reasons. Anything from pain to fatigue, illness, extra weight, or other issues may make it hard to just get motivated to get up out of that chair and go for a walk or to some other class.  

However, some studies have proven that avoiding activity can make some of those health problems worse or even lessen the quality of life. Those very studies also show that adding activity to your senior’s life can help make their life both healthier and longer as well. With increased energy and health, your loved one may be able to lose weight, improve their mood, increase their memory, and many other benefits. 

6 Specific Physical and Mental Health Benefits

  1. Slow and Steady — Senior care helps your senior if they have not exercised in a while, taking it slow and steady to get started again. Some of the best options include slow walks outside, with the ability to help improve balance and strength, while getting started on a routine.  
  2. Hydration — Regular hydration is a part of nutrition that is important for your senior, and senior care can help make sure that they drink plenty of water each day along with exercising and improved meals. 
  3. Classes — Senior care can help by taking your loved one to exercise classes like low impact aerobic classes, swimming classes, and even rumba for beginners. Exercise classes allow seniors to be around other people their age, combining social activity with exercise. 
  4. Gym — Your senior may be able to get a discount at a local gym, and senior care may be able to come in and help them out, or even certain gyms with free trainers who will help your loved one out with their workouts.  
  5. Relaxing — Exercise is great for seniors, but senior care can help put together a weekly schedule that includes the days for relaxing where they can recover, stretch, and make sure they are resting well. There is a fine line between quality workouts and too much exercise, and senior care can help your loved one keep that schedule going. 
  6. Sports — Certain sports may be great physical activity for your loved one, and senior care can help them out along the way. Golfing is a great activity for seniors, while there are others that may include walking and other movements where they stand and stay active for a good part of the day. Some of these may be indoors or outdoors, and senior care can help your loved one find activities they are interested in so that they at least get out and move about.

No matter what, your loved one has the ability to work with their senior care professional to find the activities that they find the most interesting along with the ones that could be most beneficial for their personal needs. With all of these different options, there is something that your senior can find to do in order to stay active and help improve their health, strength, and all other parts of life. 

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