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The Benefits Of Holiday Home Care For Seniors

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The holidays are just around the corner, and if your senior parent is going to be alone this holiday season the best thing you can get for your senior loved one is home care. Home care has big benefits for seniors all year long, but especially during the holiday season when seniors who have lost their spouses or live far away from their children can battle depression. Regular visits from an elder care provider who can help your senior loved one around the house and provide companionship can help your senior loved one feel connected, happy, and hopeful instead of feeling sad or depressed. Some of the other benefits of home care for seniors during the holiday are: 

Help Looking Their Best 

During the holiday season there are lots of parties, dinners, video chats, and other social events going on and your senior loved one may be concerned about how they look. Many seniors struggle with personal care as they older, and they may not want help from their children because it can be embarrassing for them to have their child help them bathe or get dressed. An elder care provider that has experience helping seniors with personal care can help your senior loved one shower, do their hair, shave, and put on makeup so that they will feel confident and they will be able to enjoy themselves at holiday gatherings.  

Help With Holiday Decorations 

Putting up holiday decorations is an important holiday tradition for many seniors. But it can be very physically difficult for seniors to manage decorations because they can’t carry or hold heavy things, climb ladders, or do other things that are necessary when you’re putting up holiday decorations. Elder care providers can help seniors put up their usual holiday decorations and keep the family traditions going.  

Help With Holiday Treats 

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without that cake that your mom always makes, or the special stuffing that your dad makes. But if your parents are getting up there in years and they have arthritis and other physical conditions that make it challenging to cook they may need help making those holiday treats that you look forward to all year. A home care provider can help your senior loved one shop for the ingredients they need and make all of those classic dishes that are an essential part of the holiday season.  


If you and your siblings live far away from a senior parent having visits from an elder care provider can keep your senior parent from withdrawing and becoming isolated during the holidays. The holidays can be a very lonely time of year for many seniors who are alone. Home care providers can play games with your senior loved one, watch movies with them, and do activities that will keep them active and engaged socially. Home care for seniors can be a big help keeping seniors healthy physically and mentally during the holiday season.  

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