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Six Essential Personal Care Tasks for Your Senior

· Personal Care,Fairfax VA
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Identifying the areas in which your senior needs more help can allow you to see some of the finer details of what she finds challenging. One major category that can get overlooked easily is called personal care tasks, which are tasks related to personal needs your senior has. These needs are related to eating, dressing, bathing, and so much more.

Oral Care

Your elderly family member may have difficulty grasping her toothbrush in order to brush her teeth properly. Or, if she has dentures, taking proper care of them may be getting more challenging. But simply ignoring these tasks is not an option. It’s all too easy for oral care issues to become large enough that they affect your senior’s ability to eat. Personal care at home helps your senior to take care of her mouth so that she’s able to keep herself healthier.


Bathing and showering are also tasks that can’t be ignored and might require assistance. Sometimes aging adults find showering difficult because the sensation of the water is disconcerting. No matter what challenges are creating a problem for your elderly family member, caregivers can help to ensure that she’s able to bathe safely. Even if your elderly family member doesn’t need to bathe every day, she needs to be able to feel safe when she does do so.

Skincare, Nail Care, and Haircare

Caring for your senior’s skin, nails, and hair might sound purely aesthetic, but it isn’t. If your elderly family member has mobility issues, it can be difficult for her to properly take care of her skin, including putting lotion on her skin. Proper nail care is vital because unkempt nails can easily cut your senior’s skin, especially as her skin becomes thinner. Hair grooming keeps your senior’s scalp healthy and clean and her hair free of knots and tangles.


Mobility also affects your senior’s ability to change clothing. Personal care at home ensures that your senior is able to have clean, fresh clothing on her body on a regular basis. Smaller clothing items, like socks, can be especially difficult for your senior to manage on her own. Having help from home care providers with clothing is even more essential if she has health issues such as incontinence.


Personal care at home can also help your senior to eat more easily. There can be a variety of reasons your senior may have issues with eating, including arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Caregivers make sure that your aging family member is able to eat on a daily basis, easily and safely.


Another big problem can be mobility. If your elderly family member has difficulty being mobile, she may need help transferring into and out of a wheelchair, into a standing position from seated or lying down, and more. Personal care providers make sure that your senior moves through her home and life safely with the assistance that she needs.

Personal care at home can make a difference in how your senior interacts with her environment and how she feels about her life.
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