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Senior Home Care and Alcohol Awareness

· Senior Home Care,Alcohol Awareness
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April is Alcohol Awareness Month and it's sponsored by National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) to promote awareness about alcoholism. This is good to talk about at any age because alcoholism is so prevalent in American society. April is the month to understand why alcohol is a problem, the symptoms of alcoholism, and the steps to get sober. If your senior is trying to quit drinking, they may need extra help in the home, such as hiring senior home care, and a lot of support.

Alcohol seems like a common thing to partake in, but it can be highly addictive and destructive. It is also not the most healthy for your loved one. Senior home care can help your elderly loved one focus on diet, exercise, and reminding them to limit alcohol, but they cannot control your seniors actions.

They cannot force your senior to give up alcohol, but they can remind them and encourage them to make better life choices. Seniors need to learn why alcohol is bad for them, and they must want to give it up. This is why taking the time this April to learn about alcohol can benefit your senior loved one. Here is why alcohol may not be the best answer for your senior and what they can do to try and limit alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is Dangerous

Drinking alcohol after a long day of work has been so normalized that people forget the dangers of alcohol. As a senior ages, their body can’t process alcohol like they used to; this means less alcohol can impact them more drastically than it used to. It can affect their medications and increase health problems or exasperate them. If your senior drinks, it can lead to more falls, dizziness, confusion, and even memory problems.

Why is Alcohol so Socially Acceptable?

If alcohol is so bad for you, you may be wondering why it is so socially acceptable? The truth is it’s acceptable because it’s easy to get and it’s a cultural part of our society. A lot of things are focused on alcohol. When you go out to eat, bars, and even the movies sell things like beer and wine. In many ways, it’s used to socialize at gatherings, but it can be highly addictive.

How to Give Up Alcohol

Some elderly adults have been drinking for years, and even with help from senior home care, it can be a challenge to give up. Seniors need to take the time to work on finding other things to replace alcohol. First, understand why your seniors are drinking. Maybe they’re upset over something, sad, maybe they’re lonely, or maybe it is just a habit; when you understand why you can develop a plan to quit or limit alcohol.

Lastly, switch to mocktails! If your senior is drinking out of habit, they may not miss the alcohol but want something fancy to sip on. Finding mocktail recipes that senior home care can prepare is a great way to allow your senior to enjoy an evening drink but with more health benefits. This can be a great way to enjoy the same routine without the bad side effects.

Some seniors drink due to other reasons. If this is something that they can’t do alone, they need to seek professional help and maybe even therapy. This is no small task and they will need a support system and sober environment.

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