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Is Your Senior Thinking about Moving?

Home Care in Leesburg VA, Seniors and Moving

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Whether or not you think that it’s a good idea for your senior to move at this point in her life, there may be some factors that are contributing to her thoughts on the idea. Having help, especially from experts like home care providers, can reduce the impact these issues have on her daily life. Even if she does ultimately decide to move, elder care may still be an excellent choice.

How Well She Can See Can Be a Factor

If it’s been a while since your senior had an eye exam, now might be the time. It’s really important for her to be able to avoid items in her path and if she’s not able to see well, that may make her feel as if she needs to change her living situation. One answer could be upgrading the lighting in her current residence, which might do more than she thought it could do for her. It’s vital to look at the whole picture, though, and not just the lighting.

Her Current and Projected Mobility Is a Concern

Your senior’s ability to remain mobile is probably the factor you most need to consider, especially if you can only deal with one issue. If she’s having trouble walking or getting up from a seated position, those can be big problems for her in her current home. They also factor in tremendously depending on the configuration of your senior’s current home. If she’s got a home with stairs, for example, being unable to use the stairs safely can be disastrous for her.

Balance Is the Flip Side of Mobility

A key component of your senior’s mobility is being able to maintain her balance well. If she’s got balance issues, your elderly family member may find that her current living arrangement is difficult for her on a daily basis. Strengthening her muscles and finding activities that help her to improve her balance can help quite a bit, as can other techniques recommended by your elderly family member’s doctor.

Cognitive Changes Need to Be Considered, Too

There are also changes that might be going on in your senior’s brain that might make a move a good or a bad idea. Your elderly family member may be making choices now that are confusing or nerve-wracking for you and other family members. If your elderly family member’s memory is beginning to fail her more often, she may not want to leave familiar surroundings and yet the options afforded by other living arrangements may feel comforting to her.

Your senior may still be deciding all of this. In the meantime, having help from you and from home care services can make all of these situations much easier for her to manage on a regular basis.

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