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How Technology Can Relieve Boredom for Seniors During Quarantine

Caregiver Alexandria VA, Technology Can Relieve Boredom

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that anyone who believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 self-quarantine. Quarantine prevents the virus from spreading since it may be possible to transmit it even when symptoms are not present. In addition to quarantine for those who may have been exposed, the CDC has also suggested that all people practice social distancing, which means staying at home unless absolutely necessary and limiting interactions with other people. As a result, older adults are spending more time alone than they may have in the past and may be bored. Family caregivers can help seniors to relieve boredom by assisting them to learn how to use technology. There are many ways that technology can help lessen the boredom your aging relative may be experiencing during quarantine or social distancing. Some of the ways older adults can use technology to pass the time are described below.


If your older family member enjoys reading, they may be finding it difficult to get their hands on new books since most libraries are closed. Fortunately, most libraries offer online services that give patrons access to electronic materials, including ebooks and audiobooks. The materials are accessed through the library’s website or by using apps. The older adult will need a library card to check out digital materials. If they do not currently have one, it may be possible to apply for one online. Caregivers can then assist the older adult to sign into the website or app and find books they might enjoy.

Social Media

Caregivers who use social media themselves know how enjoyable it is to connect with friends and family using them. Seniors can view pictures posted by others, which can help them to feel less alone. They can also comment on the posts of others. In addition to following people they know, seniors can join groups that focus on their interests, such as a gardening group or a birdwatching group.

Streaming Services

There are a wide variety of streaming services available for watching television shows and movies of any genre. Caregiverscan assist their older family members in choosing the right streaming service for them and getting them set up to use it. There are streaming services for specific kinds of shows, such as faith-based films or British television. There are also those for more general audiences that offer a huge selection of shows and movies, allowing older adults with eclectic tastes to find something to watch no matter what mood they are in.

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