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How Personal Care at Home Helps Seniors With Hygiene

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As seniors get older, they may start to struggle with things like hygiene. Those who are unable to take care of themselves may feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help, even if they need it. Personal care at home can provide seniors with the help they need in a compassionate way that allows them to keep their dignity.

Not Bathing

It’s not a big deal if seniors don’t shower every day. Most seniors can get by showering just once or twice a week. But if you notice that your senior parent doesn’t seem to be bathing when they need it or if it’s clear that they haven’t showered for some time, you may need to step in and ask if they need help with bathing or showering. Seniors can be afraid of falling or they may be unable to safely take a shower. Personal care at home can provide the help they need.

Not Shaving

If your senior father usually is clean-shaven but has stopped shaving and his facial hair has gotten unkempt that’s a big indication that he may need help with hygiene tasks like shaving or at least keeping his facial hair clean and combed. You can suggest treating him to a haircut and a shave at a barbershop and then look into getting personal care at home to help your dad shave and attend to other hygiene tasks so that he can look and feel his best.

Not Brushing Their Teeth

If your senior parent still has their natural teeth but they have stopped brushing their natural teeth it’s time to intervene. Keeping their teeth is the best outcome for seniors but if they stop brushing their teeth they increase the chance that they won’t be able to keep their natural teeth. Ask your senior parent if they are having trouble gripping a toothbrush or need other assistance brushing their teeth. A care provider that is trained to help seniors with hygiene related tasks can help your senior parent brush their teeth every day.

Incontinence Odor

Incontinence is very common in seniors, but many seniors are embarrassed by it. If you notice that your senior parent is struggling with incontinence odor you can suggest personal care at home to them so that both of you can avoid embarrassment or awkwardness but they can get the assistance they need. Your senior parent will feel a lot more confident and they may be much more willing to go out of the house to shop, exercise, or hang out with other seniors if they are confident that they don’t have any incontinence odor.

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