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How Can You Tell that Your Senior’s Care Needs Are Changing?

· Personal Care at Hom,Changing Needs,Fairfax VA

It’s so hard at times to know what your senior needs and when she needs more, either from you or from other sources of assistance. But there are some clues that you can watch out for that can help you. 

She’s Angry or Frustrated 

Your elderly family member might not let you know that she needs help in so many words, especially if she’s been determined to age in place independently. What you might see instead are negative feelings she’s working through about her situation. Anger, frustration, and irritability are common expressions that you might encounter and they might seem out of place for the situation. 

Her Health Is Visibly Worsening 

Your senior’s health is going to change over time. But if you’re noticing that she’s suddenly feeling a lot worse or a chronic health issue is becoming more difficult to manage, she may benefit from a lot more help than she currently has. Home care services can make it easier for your senior to focus on doing what she needs to do for her health. 

She or Her Home Are Looking Unkempt 

As your senior finds it difficult to keep up with herself or her home, you’re bound to notice physical changes in both. Your senior may dress differently or adopt lower standards for how tidy or clean her home is. These are signs that she may need the help of personal care at home. 

Her Mobility Is Changing 

When it becomes more difficult for your senior to be as mobile as she used to be, whether that means functional mobility like walking around her home or even driving herself to appointments, that means that her life is changing. It also means that her care needs are changing. Having a caregiver there to help her can make all the difference. 

You Just Have a Feeling 

Finally, there might not be something concrete you can point to, especially if you live far away from your senior. You might just have a feeling that things aren’t going as well for her as you or she would hope. Don’t discount those feelings, because they might be more accurate than you think. 

Having personal care at home doesn’t take anything away from your senior. It improves her quality of life and can allow her to be a lot more independent than she has been in a long time. Talk to your senior about giving this type of assistance a trial run to see what it can do for her. 

If you or a loved one are looking for experienced Personal Care at Home in Fairfax, VA, contact SenCura at 703-880-2547. Providing in-home senior care in Northern Virginia. 

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