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Home Remedies That Can Help Seniors With Dry Skin

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Dry skin is something that many seniors suffer from. Some medical conditions can make seniors prone to dry skin. Medications can also cause dry skin. And because seniors spend a lot of time indoors they can have dry skin from the dry hot air indoors. Using harsh soaps and not using a medicated lotion can contribute to dry skin in seniors too. But no matter what the reason for the dry skin is there are some home remedies that seniors can use to try and fight their dry skin. Personal care at home is a good way for seniors to take better care of their skin. With personal care at home seniors will have someone to help them when they bathe, help apply lotion, and help them use these home remedies to heal their dry skin:

Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal baths are very soothing and can help seniors that suffer from very dry skin all over their bodies. Seniors that are aging in place should have personal care at home so that they have someone to help them safely get in and out of the bathtub. A cup of whole oats added to a warm bath will immediately soothe inflamed or dry or itchy skin. Seniors often enjoy oatmeal baths in the winter when dry skin can become a real problem because of the dry and hot indoor air. But oatmeal baths can be used anytime to help seniors who are uncomfortable because of dry skin.

Petroleum Jelly

A fantastic way to help seniors who have dry cracked skin on their feet is to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to their feet at night and then put on heavy socks over the petroleum jelly. By the time morning comes their feet will be soothed and soft again. This is a great home remedy to use in the winter when seniors often have dry cracked heels and feet. It’s also a great way to make sure that seniors are able to wear sandals in the summer so that their feet can have proper airflow.

Wash With Cold Cream

Many seniors have been using cold cream to wash their faces since they were children. It’s one of those products that has been around for so long it fell out of fashion, came into fashion, fell out of fashion, and is now in fashion again. Cold cream is something that been around for over a hundred years because it works. Cold cream does a great job cleansing the skin without drying it, and it can be wiped off without using water. But a warm washcloth and a bottle of cold cream have been used to keep skin glowing and soft for decades.

Drink More Milk

Milk is rich in Vitamins D and E which the skin needs to be healthy. Drinking milk is a great way to maintain healthy skin and hair. Seniors who drink milk everyday will start to notice that their skin looks better and isn’t quite as dry.

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