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Helping Your Elderly Loved One with Chores When You Aren’t Around 

· Caregiver Fairfax VA,Help With Chores
Caregiver in Fairfax, VA: Help With Chores

Does your elderly loved one need help around their house? Are they unable to get groceries, pay bills, or get around town on their own? If this is the case, you might be used to helping them with these chores and tasks. However, what will happen if you are leaving for a while and can’t be around to help your elderly loved one? There are caregivers that can help with a multitude of chores and tasks for your elderly loved one. Keep reading here to find out how these caregivers can help. 

Doing the Grocery Shopping  

Sure, you could have groceries ordered online and shipped to your elderly loved one’s home. However, what happens if they don’t arrive to your elderly loved one on time or arrive at all? This would mean your elderly loved one has to go without groceries. Instead of ordering the groceries online, you can hire caregivers to go grocery shopping for your elderly loved one instead.  

Providing Transportation 

Are you used to transporting your elderly loved one wherever they need to go? Do you need to leave for a while? If so, you can hire caregivers to provide the transportation that your elderly loved one needs. These caregivers can take your elderly loved one to the store, to visit their friends and loved ones, to the movies, or to other places that they want or need to go.  

Cooking Assistance 

Many senior citizens need help with cooking. They either forget to turn the stove off or burn the food because they can’t remember how long to cook it for. Your elderly loved one just might not like cooking. If your elderly loved one needs cooking assistance while you are away, there are caregivers that can do this for them. They can help to prepare and/or cook the meals depending on what your elderly loved one needs.  

Regular Check-Ins 

If you need to leave for awhile and can’t be there to check in on your elderly loved one, then you need someone to do this for you. You can hire caregivers to check on your loved one when you are gone. They can check in on your loved one as much or as little as you need them to. This could be every other day, once a day, or multiple times a day.  


These are some of the ways that caregivers can help your elderly loved one when you aren’t around. If you are planning to leave for awhile, be sure you make the call to hire caregivers as soon as you can. This way, you can get the services that are needed set up in time.  

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