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Fun and Healthy Snacks Your Elderly Loved One Should Start Eating

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Some seniors don't know that diet is essential, or maybe they do, but they no longer cook for themselves. Even if your loved one relies on senior home care to cook, they may need ideas for healthy snacks. Here are some of the best snacks to keep your senior loved one stocked up on.

Kale Chips or Sweet Potato Chips

It is so easy to go for heavily processed potato chips. Your senior loved one doesn't have to cook them, and senior home care will always be able to find them in the grocery store. However, instead of going for the most unhealthy option, try finding kale chips instead. These have fewer ingredients and are more natural. Plus, it's one of the best ways to sneak in extra vegetables without being too obvious and making them taste good. Kale benefits seniors because it is a nutrient-dense vegetable packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support overall health and well-being. Its high vitamin K, calcium, and fiber content is particularly advantageous for bone health, helping to maintain bone density, and it offers a wide range of essential nutrients. If you don't trust packaged kale chips, senior home care can help your loved one dry and bake kale with various seasonings. You can make them in multiple different ways.

Try Sparkling Water

Soda is filled with sugar and can cause more dehydration and other health problems. Soda typically provides little nutritional value, and its acidic nature can harm tooth enamel. It may also promote obesity and chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes. So, encourage your loved one to switch to sparkling or bubbling water instead of a soda. Most of these waters will have flavor options, or you can add fresh lime or lemon juice. This will allow them to get the same mouthfeel as if they were drinking soda, but it will have fewer calories and fewer diet issues.

Use Mashed Avocado

If your senior loves to dip vegetables in sauce like ranch or other dips in packages, swap it out for mashed avocado. This means they will get something high in healthy fats and full of minerals instead of something with little to no nutritional value. Mashed avocado can be added to sandwiches, used as a dip for vegetables, and even added to other meals for texture, taste, and moistness.

Eat More Dark Chocolate

Your seniors may love chocolate, but milk chocolate isn't the best for anyone; dark chocolate can benefit seniors. Milk chocolate has tons of fat and sugar, which makes it less of a healthy option for your senior loved one. Dark chocolate is filled with more antioxidants than milk chocolate, making it a healthier option for your loved one. It is something that senior home care can help your loved one manage, too.

Eat Plain Greek Yogurt

If you want a breakfast or snack idea for your senior loved one, choose Greek yogurt with granola and fruits. Greek yogurt has tons of vitamins and calcium that is great for your senior loved one. It's easy to keep in the fridge and something your senior can whip together in just a few minutes.


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