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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Home Care

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Senior home care can help seniors be healthier and happier when they are aging in their own homes. But often seniors don’t think that they need help or don’t see the benefits of getting help at home. Family caregivers may be a little confused about what senior home care is and how it can help their senior parent. These are some of the most common questions that family caregivers have about senior home care for their aging parents:

What Is Home Care?

Senior home care is a suite of services that help seniors of varying abilities stay safe, healthy, and happy in their own homes as they get older. The services can range from light housework like dusting and vacuuming to meal preparation and cleanup, laundry, and things like shopping or running errands. Your senior parent is encouraged to do as much as they can but a home care provider will be there to do the rest. That way your senior parent can keep their sense of purpose and a sense of accomplishment but they will have help with the tasks that are getting more difficult for them.

Does My Senior Parent Really Need It?

All seniors can benefit from senior home care. Even if your senior loved one is not having trouble with housecleaning or household tasks yet having a set of helping hands and some company can make life easier for your senior parent. And over time your senior loved one will build a strong relationship with their care provider so that if they need a higher level of care in the future they will already have someone to work with that they feel comfortable with.

Do They Need To Have Someone Come To The House Daily?

How often a care provider comes to the house depends entirely on your senior loved one’s ability and comfort level. Your senior parent may just need a little extra help one or two days a week or they may need to have someone come to the house everyday to help with cleaning and meal preparation and other tasks. You and your senior loved one can decide together how often they would like a care provider to come to the house and what types of tasks they need help with.

What If My Parent Needs More Than Help With Chores?

This is a very common scenario. If your senior parent’s health gets worse and they start to need more care than just basic housecleaning there are other types of home care for seniors that can help them. Home health care is a service where the care provider can do things like wound care, checking blood pressure, and managing medication. Companion care at home is a type of care where your senior loved one will have a companion to do activities with and chat with so they don’t get lonely. And 24-hour home care is available for seniors who need to have someone with them around the clock.

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