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Four Tools that Help You Find Help as a Caregiver

Caregiver Leesburg VA, Finding Help as a Caregiver

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Sometimes it’s difficult to see whether you have any assistance at all when you’re busy being a caregiver. You may be so busy that the obvious help isn’t so obvious. These tools can help you to see what is there for you.

Your Employer

More and more companies, both big and small, have programs that allow you to get a variety of different kinds of help as a caregiver. Exploring these options can give you a chance to solve problems that you thought were unsolvable. The more that you’re able to outsource to another entity, the more you can focus on what’s really important.

Your Own Journal and Thoughts

Your own thoughts and needs help you to pinpoint where you need help, too. It’s not always easy to figure those out, though. Journaling can be the tool you need to get deeper into how you’re feeling, where your needs aren’t being met, and how you can start to do something to change all of that. It’s intimidating at first, but if you stick with it, you’re going to reap some big benefits.

Task Matching

Task matching is an incredibly helpful tool that you may be using, but probably not as much as you could be. Take a piece of paper and do a brain dump of all the different tasks that are on your plate right now. Once you’ve written down everything that you possibly can, take a deep breath and start at the top of the list. Who besides you can handle that task? Someone else in your life can handle that task for you or your senior. Write their name down next to the task. If you think of more than one person, write down as many names as you can. By the time you get to the bottom of the list, you’ve got some people you can talk to about handling some things for you.

Elderly Care Services

Elderly care services might seem like something that you and your senior don’t “need” yet. But the thing is, they can be a huge help to both you and your senior, even if they’re not handling things like bathing your senior or cooking her meals. They’re excellent companions and they can assist with little recurring tasks that help your senior to save up more of her energy for other things she wants to do.

Accepting help as a caregiver becomes easier over time. Help from others doesn’t diminish what you’re doing for your senior, it helps you to do more.

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