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Five Types of Help for a Senior Determined to Age in Place

· Senior Home Care

Aging in place sounds easy enough, but there’s a complex series of tasks involved in that process. Your elderly family member can benefit from having help not only from you and from other family members, but also from home care providers. Starting out with help in place can extend the time she’s able to age in place. 

A Friendly Face

You and other people who love your senior may want to spend a lot more time with her, but that doesn’t mean you’re able to do so as much as you want. That might be where home care providers can come in. They offer a friendly face and companionship that also ensures your senior has help if she needs it. 

Food Gathering and Preparation

Eating healthy meals can be a challenge for aging adults, mainly because it takes so much energy and time to gather healthy foods, prepare them, eat them, and then clean up, too. With help from home care providers, your senior can hand over all or a few of those tasks to someone else. That ensures she’s able to eat healthy meals all week long without exhausting herself to do so. 

Help Around the House

Household tasks don’t go anywhere on their own, either. Your aging family member might find it exhausting to keep up with even simple household chores and that’s no way for her to spend the rest of her days. Having someone else who can take over those tasks for her ensures her home is clean and safe and that she’s able to enjoy.

Help with Personal Care

At some point, your senior might start to find that it’s difficult for her to keep up with personal care tasks, as well. Things like showering and getting dressed become more challenging. Help from elder care providers ensures that she’s able to deal with hygiene challenges on a daily basis and that she’s safe while doing so. 

Help with Transportation

Your senior likely won’t be able to keep driving forever. She may not even want to. It’s sometimes a relief to be able to sit back and let someone else do the driving. Your senior doesn’t have to be stuck at home if she’s no longer driving, either. Senior care providers can take over that task for her and ensure that she gets wherever she wants to go. 

Over time your elderly family member’s needs as she ages in place are going to change. Having home care providers on hand give her a chance to get the help she needs right when she needs it most. 

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