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Elderly Care Means Independence For Seniors  

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Elderly Care Alexandria, VA: Seniors and Independence

A vast majority of seniors would rather stay at home as they get older instead of moving into an assisted living community. The high cost of facilities plus the stress of leaving the home that they may have been living in for decades is unappealing to seniors and it’s easy to see why. Elderly care services at home can bridge the gap between the care that your senior loved one needs and the comfort of being in their own home. With the support of a dedicated caregiver your senior parents may be able to age in place at home where they will be a happier and healthier. 

What Does Elderly Care Cover? 

Elderly care is a blanket term that covers all of the various things that a home caregiver can do for seniors to help them be healthy and happy at home. Caregivers can do everything from help seniors manage medication to help them get around town without a car. With the consistent support of a home health aide your senior loved ones will be able to live the way they have always lived and enjoy their home and property. A few of the services that elderly care provides are: 

Running Errands And Shopping 

Grocery shopping, going to the post office, and running other errands can be difficult and tiring for seniors. Seniors who have health challenges might find walking around a store difficult. And those who have memory or cognitive challenges may find it confusing or difficult to handle money. Elderly care specialists can accompany your senior loved one to the store, post office, or other places and help them shop and completely their errands. 


When a senior gets to the point where they can no longer drive getting to shops, social activities, doctor’s appointments, the hair salon, and other places can be tough. Home caregivers can help arrange reliable and affordable transportation for your senior loved one when you aren’t available to take them somewhere.  


Home care providers can help with housecleaning to make sure that your loved one is living in a clean and healthy environment. Doing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, tidying, and other household chores like laundry are all things that a home are worker can do for your aging parents.  

Meal Preparation And Cleanup 

Preparing meals and cleaning up after them can be a challenge for anyone and it’s a challenge that a lot of seniors aren’t up to. Seniors that live alone often won’t go through the trouble of cooking a while meal for themselves. But with a home care provider they will have someone to cook meals and to eat meals with. They might enjoy teaching their caregiver how to make certain dishes and they will definitely enjoy having a companion to eat their meals with.  


Carrying heavy laundry baskets is often too much for seniors, especially if the washing machine is in the basement and the baskets of clothes need to be carried to and from the basement. Home elderly care workers can provide the kind of household help that your aging parents need to ensure that they will be fine at home. 

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