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Eight Services In-Home Care Offers


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In-home care is a useful service for helping aging parents remain independent in their home. Have you looked into the benefits it offers? Here are eight of the best services you can arrange through an agency. 


When your dad's mobility is limited, it helps him to have someone nearby to help him get out of bed, in and out of the shower or tub, and up and down the stairs. He might want someone for support when he stands up from a chair or sofa. 

He can also have his caregiver help him in and out of the car. If he likes to take walks outside, that's also possible. 


Is your dad alone all week? If he often complains of feeling lonely, arrange home care services. With caregivers stopping by, he has company when he wants it. While his caregiver is there, he'll also have someone to help with housework, meals, bedding changeovers, and anything else he feels would help him remain independent. 


Have in-home care aides stop by to clean the house for your dad. They can vacuum, dust, tidy clutter, and wipe down surfaces. Caregivers can also take out the trash and recyclables. 


Stop having your dad go up and down the stairs to the laundry room. His caregivers can wash and dry clothing, towels, and bedding. When everything is folded, he can ask them to put things away. If he likes having his shirts or pants ironed, that service is also available. 

Meal Planning and Preparation 

Your dad can have healthy meals throughout the week. Meal preparation is a popular in-home care service. His caregivers go over what he wants to eat during the week. He'll have someone to shop with if there are items he needs. 

The caregiver can prepare and cook the meals and clean up after. If he wants someone around while he eats, his caregiver will stay. 

Medication Reminders 

How many pills does your dad have to take each day? Does he often miss a dose? If so, he could be putting his health in jeopardy. 

Caregivers can stop by for a few hours and help him around the home and with his daily routine. Part of that includes reminding him when to take his prescription medications. Plus, the caregiver can help him keep track of when it's time to order a refill. 

Personal Care 

Hygiene and grooming tasks are also available with in-home care. Your dad's caregiver can help him brush and floss his teeth, apply skin cream, shave his face, and comb or brush his hair. 

If he needs help with showering, that's offered. He might need help with toileting, too, and that's another option he can have with personal care services. 


When your dad is no longer able to drive safely, arrange to have caregivers drive him around to stores, dental offices, and medical clinics. 

Do these sound like services that your dad could use as he ages at home? It's easy to arrange them, contact the agency and ask to talk about in-home care services.

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