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COVID – Do Your Parents Hate Wearing a Mask? These Quick Fixes Can Help

COVID-19 and Mask Wearing, Home Care Arlington VA

· COVID-19

When they’re out of the home and in a doctor’s office or store, your parents should be wearing a mask for their safety. It can help them from having someone nearby cough or sneeze and send saliva particles to their nose or mouth. It also lowers the risk of them touching their nose, mouth, or eyes after touching a surface someone with COVID-19 has touched.

If they dislike the feel of a mask, they may be tempted to take it off while they’re shopping. They may refuse to wear it when they’re out. If that’s a concern you have, these tips may help get them to wear the mask more often.

Make Sure the Mask Fits

If a mask is too tight and pulls at the ears, your parent may not want to wear it. If that’s the case, consider a mask with ties instead of elastic straps. If they don’t like ties, make the elastic straps larger by cutting it and sewing in an inch or so of ribbon to extend the elastic straps.
The mask may be too large. If it’s falling down when your mom and dad talk, shorten the elastic strip by tying a knot into it.

Add a Strap That Takes the Pressure Off the Ears

Your mom and dad may not like how the elastic band feels on the tender skin behind their ears. Take a strip of fabric and sew it into a rectangle that’s about 1.5 inches by 3 or 4 inches. Add a button to each end.
Instead of looping the elastic around their ears, they’ll loop it around the button and position the rectangle behind their head.

Masks May Not Be the Best Idea

While a mask may add a little protection, it may not be ideal for your parents. If your mom or dad has asthma or breathing difficulties, they shouldn’t wear a mask. There are ways to stay safe when a mask is not advised.

In this case, they should stay at home. Let a home care aide purchase their groceries and refill prescriptions. For trips to a doctor’s office, you could request that your parent not be subjected to the germs in a waiting room and go right into a patient room upon arrival. If there’s a wait and that’s not possible, they could wait in the car outside with a home careaide.


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