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Companion Care at Home Tips to Spot a Senior Romance Scam

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Loneliness is a big problem for seniors, especially those that are aging in place. They are often socially disconnected and have a hard time getting the social contact they need to stay healthy. Companion care at home can help solve the loneliness problem for seniors, but for some, it may not be enough. Seniors are increasingly looking for love in their later years.

Those who that have lost their spouse or partner may turn to dating apps or sites to try and find companionship. Nearly 13% of seniors over the age of 65 have used a dating app or a site like Facebook Dating.

Unfortunately, that has led to huge growth in romance scams. Scammers are targeting lonely seniors out millions of dollars every year. Romance scammers are very sophisticated. They typically start asking for small amounts of money to build trust. Then they ask for untraceable gift cards, wire transfers, or money transfers through payment services like Cash App or Zelle.

It can be difficult to know if someone that a senior meets through a dating site is a legitimate love interest or a scammer. Companion care at home can help your senior loved one spot potential red flags and help them proceed with caution.

The Person Is Asking For Money Right Away

Anyone that seniors meet on a dating site that asks for money shortly after they start chatting is a red flag. If seniors start talking to someone that always has some kind of emergency that’s a reason to be suspicious. Bad things do happen. But if someone is having a new crisis that requires money every single week that’s highly suspicious.

They Won’t Talk On The Phone Or Video Chat

It’s understandable that a potential date may not want to talk on the phone or video chat until they have exchanged some messages through the dating site. But if more than a week has gone by and the person refuses to meet, talk on the phone, or video chat that is suspicious. Typically people want to meet in person as quickly as possible.

They Ask For Money Using Untraceable Methods

Potential dates that ask seniors to send money using untraceable methods are immediately suspect. Seniors should never send gift cards to strangers. They should also not send money through apps like Cash App or Zelle. Zelle is notorious for not supporting customers who lose money to fraud. Once a Zelle payment is made it can be impossible to track it. Or to get it back.

They’re Too Perfect

Seniors should be suspicious of any potential date who seems too perfect. No one is perfect. So if their photos seem glossy and perfectly posed that’s a bad sign. It’s also a bad sign if they seem to have a great job, a nice home, and a great personality. Remember the old adage that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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