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Best Lifestyle Changes to Make for Longevity

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Are you trying to find ways for your elderly loved one to enjoy a longer life? Does your elderly loved one still have a lot of things they want to do in their life? If either of these are true, then there are some lifestyle changes that your elderly loved one may need to do to improve their chances for living a longer life.  

Changing Their Attitude and Lowering Stress Levels 

Research shows that people with higher stress levels, especially when the stress is chronic, often don’t live as long as people who are more relaxed. In addition, if your elderly loved one has a negative outlook on life that causes depression, that could reduce their chances of living longer, too. The good news is there are many programs and resources that you or an in-home care provider can help your elderly loved one get into. These programs and resources are designed to help people develop a positive attitude toward life and reduce their stress levels.  

Eating Healthier 

Research also shows there are many nutrients and minerals that are needed to live a long, healthy life. You should talk to your elderly loved one about what they are eating. If it doesn’t seem that your elderly loved one is getting enough nutrients, vitamins, or minerals, you or an in-home care provider can talk them about changing their diet. Maybe, you or one of the senior care providers can look online for fun, colorful recipes with your loved one. You can have them pick out recipes that catch their eye. If needed, someone can even prepare these meals for your elderly loved one. The healthier they eat, the better chance they have at living a longer life.  

More Socializing 

Many people think that elderly people don’t want to be around other people. However, most of the time, that isn’t the case. Many elderly people just don’t have people to spend time with. It might be a good idea for you or an in-home care provider to drive your loved one to a senior center for activities and socializing a few times every week. Socializing gives elderly people something to look forward to. You may also want to consider going to your elderly loved one’s house at least once a week to visit. Home care providers can also go to your elderly loved one’s house as often as it is needed, too.  


There are many ways that an elderly person can boost their chances at living a longer life. Longevity is something that many people strive toward. If you have your elderly loved one start following the tips above and commit to these lifestyle changes, they can live a happier life. They can also boost their chances of living for longer, as well.  

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