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Best Elderly Fitness Tips for 2021 

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Elder Care Arlington, VA: Seniors and Exercise

Now that the weather is getting better, people are getting the motivation needed to exercise and get healthy. If you are a family caregiver, you might still need to talk to your elderly loved one about what they will do to get healthier. They can exercise, eat healthier, and do other fitness activities. Here are some of the best elderly fitness tips for 2021 to share with your elderly loved one.

Go to the Doctor

If it has been awhile since your elderly loved one was at the doctor, it is time for them to get a check-up. Even if they don’t feel like anything is wrong, it wouldn’t hurt for you or an elderly care provider to take them to the doctor, just to make sure. The doctor can run basic vitals and bloodwork. If there are no issues, that is great. If there are issues, the doctor can recommend a course of actions.

Lifting Weights

Many elderly people think they can’t lift weights. They don’t need to be a bodybuilder in order to lift weights. In fact, you can get them some 1 pound, 3 pound, or 5 pound weights. They can start with the lighter weights and lift them a few times. Once they know they aren’t straining too much, they can lift the heavier weights. It would be best if you or an elderly care provider stayed with your loved one when they lift weights. This is just a safety precaution to ensure they don’t get hurt.

Drinking More Water

No matter what type of exercises your elderly loved one is going to do, they should drink more water. This is going to help their body is so many ways. It can help them to manage their weight and stay hydrated. Drinking more water can also help your elderly loved one to improve the functioning of their digestive system, so they have fewer stomachaches.

Go Swimming

When it gets warmer, many people want to go swimming. The good news is that this isn’t just a fun activity. Swimming can benefit your elderly loved one is so many ways. It can build up their endurance and self-confidence. Swimming can reduce pain and build muscle, too.

Daily Tasks

There are many daily tasks that your elderly loved one can use as fitness, as well. For instance, when they are taking their laundry to the bedroom, they can dance their way to the bedroom. If they are putting dishes away, they can take the long way around the kitchen. If they are vacuuming, they can vacuum over the same spot twice to get more steps.


These are some of the best elderly fitness tips for 2021. Be sure to share these tips with your elderly loved one today.

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