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Add a Five Things Home Care Aides Help With That Surprise Families

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What home care services are available to your parents? You probably expect things like help cooking meals, reminders when it's time to take medications, and assistance with daily grooming and hygiene routines. Are you aware that some caregivers also help with these daily activities?
You can have caregivers stop in each week to spend a few hours with your mom or dad. The caregiver doesn't have to do anything other than sit down and socialize with your parent. If your mom wanted to have a caregiver to play cribbage with each week, that's possible. If your dad wants a caregiver to watch movies with, that's also an option.
Pet Care
If your mom or dad has a pet and needs help remembering to feed the pet, take the dog outside to go to the bathroom, or walk the dog, caregivers can help. They may also be willing to clean the cat litter, wash the pet bowls, and help order new pet food and supplies as needed.
There will be rules based on the pet's behavior. If the pet is shy or barks a lot with strangers, that's going to make it harder for a caregiver to do the job. You'd need to address that issue.
Plant Care
Your mom and dad's houseplants used to get constant attention. As they age, they often forget to water their plants and dust off leaves on larger plants. Caregivers can water plants as needed and wipe down the leaves on larger palms or wide-leafed plants. If a plant needs a fertilizer stick added every few months, a caregiver could take care of it.
You keep organizing your mom's coat closet, but she keeps putting things in it without care. You could work with a caregiver to come up with a system that keeps everything organized. The caregiver can help your mom put things away in the correct location. If your mom can't, the caregiver can make sure everything goes into the place where it should be.
You could hire a caregiver to help your parents schedule appointments for medical visits, home maintenance, or hair appointments. The caregiver could also be there to drive your parents to the appointment as needed and be in the home when a technician arrives. If your parents need help making the payment before the technician leaves, that's also possible.
How do you find out if services like this are offered locally? Call a home care agency and ask. It may not be a service that's currently available, but it may be something the caregiver is happy to offer. It never hurts to ask if it's something that would help your mom and dad live independently.

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