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Active Learning Ideas for the Elderly

· Social Seniors,Senior Care

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Learning is fun when someone is doing something they enjoy. In addition, it is a great idea for everyone to keep learning. Research shows the elderly people who continue learning can reduce their risk of dementia, improve concentration, and gain many other benefits, too. If your elderly loved one wants to gain these benefits and more, active learning is a great way for them to do so. There are many amazing active learning ideas that you and senior care providers can share with your elderly loved one.  

Singing or Playing Instruments 

One of the best active learning ideas for the elderly is singing or playing instruments. Has your elderly loved one always loved music? If so, it may be a great idea for you or their senior care provider to take them to a singing class. You could also take them to classes, so they can learn to play a certain instrument. If your elderly loved one would rather learn to do these things from home, there are many great online programs that offer singing and instrument playing lessons.  

Learning a Foreign Language 

Another great active learning idea for the elderly is to learn a foreign language. There are so many different languages that your elderly loved one could learn. Every time they learn a new language, they are adding a piece of culture to their life. They are also improving their memory and keeping themselves busy. All of these things are beneficial for the elderly. If your elderly loved one would like, maybe you or their senior care provider could learn the foreign language with them.  

Using Computers 

Your elderly loved one might benefit from learning how to use computers better. This may even be something they enjoy doing. Many elderly people aren’t up-to-date with the newer technology. For some senior citizens, even using a laptop or a smartphone seems to be a huge hassle. Wouldn’t it be great if your elderly loved one could use these devices without so much trouble? If you and your loved one think so, you can help them to get started. There are many online courses your elderly loved one can take to learn how to use computers and other smart devices better.  


There are many great active learning ideas for the elderly. Now that you have a few of these ideas, you should share them with your elderly loved one. They can start by picking one of these ideas. Once they get going on one of them, they can decide to add another to their daily or weekly routine or schedule.  

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