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5 Vacation Ideas For the Senior in Your Life

Senior Care Alexandria, VA: Vacation Ideas and Seniors

· Senior Home Care

When was the last time your senior parent or loved one took a vacation? For many seniors who are aging in place while they receive senior care at home, vacations may have become less of a priority. But they don’t have to be!  

If your senior loves to travel and has the means to do so, here are some ideas for some places that your senior might enjoy so that they can take their mind off their senior care and have an adventure or two! 


One great way for seniors to see new places and get a great sense of adventure and luxury too, are cruise sailings. You can choose the number of days in your trip and there are an endless number of destinations and something for literally everyone. You can cruise to the Caribbean, to the unbelievable wilderness of Alaska, overseas to a number of other amazing countries, and more. Many times, dining and beverages can be packaged for an all-inclusive, and oftentimes financially reasonable amount. Your senior can spend their days relaxing on the ship or exploring new places at port. Many groups of seniors like to get together and have fun doing new things with peers on cruises so check it out!


If your senior hasn’t visited the mountains, it is quite a sight to see. The great thing about planning a mountainous trip is that there are tons of areas all over the country to make this happen so you might not even have to travel too far depending on where you live and what you want to experience. Whether your senior visits Tennessee, Arkansas, California, or Colorado, the mountains are a breathtaking spectacle to behold.

State Park

One thing that many people like to do is to visit the State Parks that are all around us. Look online to map out the nearest state parks and with your senior, start crossing them off your list!


If your senior parent or loved one is a beach lover, consider a trip to a warm and sunny beach location where they can relax in the sun or the shade and have their toes in the sand. Be sure they pack plenty of sunscreen and also just as important, that they stay hydrated and remember to drink lots of water while they take in the wind and waves.


Is your senior the extra-adventurous type? If so, a trip overseas might be something they would enjoy. Find out if there is a place they have always wanted to see and take a little time to research flight times, cost, and any other issues that may be helpful for your senior to discover if this is the right choice for them.

Helpful Tip: Make sure that your senior’s doctor is okay with them taking a vacation if they have any health issues of concern. Also consider terrain, weather, time of year, and how much senior care they need help with on a daily basis when planning a trip.

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