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4 Ways to Ensure Your Dad's Needs Are Met

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Your dad had a stroke and is about to come home. You know he's going to need a lot of care, but you're not sure what to do to ensure his needs are met. What are the best steps to take when creating a care plan and making sure nothing gets overlooked?

Consult With His Doctors

Talk to your dad's doctors about his care needs. This is especially important after a fall or determination that he has a chronic health condition. His health issues may require him to have a special diet, daily medications, or an exercise routine that he cannot ignore.

Your dad might need to go to the doctor or physical therapist more often. He might not be allowed to drive anymore, so he needs someone to drive him around and help him run errands

Gather a Support Team

Once you know what your dad is going to need help completing, it's time to see who is available to help him. If he needs someone to accompany him to the doctor, who is free? Is it going to be difficult to get time off work to bring him to weekly physical therapy sessions?

Find out who is free to help out, when they're available, and figure out where there are gaps when your dad will be alone. He can't be alone.

Build Lists

You'll need to build daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists that you share with other family caregivers. Build the lists somewhere that others can readily view, ideally online. You can back it up with printed lists that you have laminated and can use a dry-erase pen for those without online access.

Ask Him for Insight

Your dad may start to regain some of his former abilities. As he does, you want to find out what he wants to try to do on his own again. He may want to take back over the cooking, but he just needs a helping hand slicing ingredients.

Your dad might want to start going for walks again, but he doesn't want to be alone. He wants someone with him. If it's something he's asking for help completing, people must be available to help out. Support will provide him with the emotional and mental support he needs to recove

Arrange Companion Care at Home

What if you're an only child without siblings or a lot of cousins or family friends helping out? What if you live in another area? Professional caregivers are a must!

Are you overwhelmed trying to have enough time for your children, yourself, your friends, your dad, and your job? It's time to step back and let others help out. Companion care at home is a great way to ensure someone is there to help your dad when you're unavailable.

A companion care at home expert is happy to go over prices, schedules, and services. Get together a list of questions and make a call.

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