Your dad wants to start working out. His doctor recommends 30 minutes per day for 5 days each week. He’s doubling that amount. You’re worried he may be overexerting himself. How do you know when he’s getting too much exercise?

Senior Care in Falls Church VA: Too Much Exercise

Senior Care in Falls Church VA: Too Much Exercise

Is He Healthy?

If your dad has no underlying health issues, he should be able to exercise as often as he wants. You just need to make sure he’s eating properly and staying hydrated. He needs to listen to his body, too. If he feels shaky or weak at any point while exercising, he should take a break.

If he has a chronic health issue, he should not work out so much that he becomes exhausted or lightheaded. He should do as much as he can at a pace he’s comfortable maintaining. If he’s fallen before, his exercise routine should work on exercises that help strengthen leg muscles and improve balance.

Is He in Shape?

If your dad is new to exercise, he should take it slow. He needs to talk to his doctor about safe exercises and how to know when he’s pushed himself too hard. If he does too much too soon, he could damage a muscle, tendon, or ligament. suggests that seniors 65 or older get 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week. If your dad is doing vigorous activities, he only needs 1.25 hours. If that’s too much, some exercise is better than nothing. He can always increase the time as he improves his health.

What Exercises Should He Consider?

If your dad has a pool or can access a pool, swimming and water aerobics are easy on the joints and provide the opportunity to strengthen muscle and get a cardio workout. Walking or jogging in his neighborhood is another way to work out, though he may need a caregiver to join him to make sure he doesn’t overheat.

If your dad has a bicycle, that’s another great way to get exercise. Even gardening offers a way to exercise. Your dad will work his back, chest, and arm muscles while digging and raking. He’ll work his leg muscles while bending and squatting to plant seeds or pull weeds.

Discuss Your Concerns With His Doctor.

His doctor is the best source of information. Talk to his doctor about how much exercise he’s getting and what his fitness routine entails. If there is anything troubling, your dad’s doctor will tell you.

Your dad may want to sign up for a gym membership and work with a personal trainer. This way he has someone to spot him while he performs exercises. If this isn’t possible, a senior care professional can supervise your dad’s activities.

With a caregiver’s help, your dad can work out and have someone available to monitor him. He doesn’t lose his independence. He gains a friend and someone to make sure he’s drinking enough water, getting proper nutrients, and avoiding a fall. Call us today to learn more.

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