You’re kicking off 2018 by making sure your mom and dad have their check-ups, eat right, and take any required medications. Have you overlooked foot care? It’s often something that gets overlooked.

Caregiver in McLean VA: Include Foot Care in the Care Plan

Caregiver in McLean VA: Include Foot Care in the Care Plan

Common Issues in Elderly Feet.

Your feet really do handle the daily load. They support you when you walk and stand. For your mom and dad, the feet have been through decades of use. As a result, they’re prone to issues.

Plantar fasciitis is one common complaint seniors have. This painful condition occurs when the ligament that connects the heel and toes becomes inflamed. The pain can make it hard for a senior to walk. They often shift the way they walk to minimize the pain, and this leads to strain on the hips and back. Foot exercises, splints/arch supports, and NSAIDs are common treatments.

Nail fungus is also common for seniors. It’s common because the nails grow more slowly and reduced circulation can impact the toenail’s health. A less responsive immune system is also a factor. You can tell if a parent has nail fungus because the toenails will have a yellowed appearance and be thicker than normal. They may crumble at the ends and have jagged edges. Antifungal medications may help.

If your mom or dad has diabetes, they may not feel sensations of pain or discomfort in the feet. Damage to the nerves can make it hard for them to feel a sore or inflamed area. They need to physically care for their feet and look for problem areas before infection sets in. Spending time rubbing foot cream on the feet after a shower is an ideal way to do this.

Schedule an Appointment With a Podiatrist.

Your parents should see a podiatrist each year. A foot doctor can look for problems and get them under control before they have a chance to worsen. During this appointment, your parents will also learn more about basic foot care and ways to prevent problems from occurring. It’s an important appointment for your mom or dad to have.

When your work and family responsibilities make it hard to spend a lot of time with your mom and dad, caregivers can help. A caregiver can get them to and from appointments. A caregiver can take them shopping and cook dinner. Caregivers can also help them complete daily foot exercises. Call a home care agency to discuss the full range of helpful elder care services.

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