If your aging family member is anxious to age in place, you’ll need to start planning now in order to help make that happen for her. It can take some figuring out to cover all the bases. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Senior Care in McLean VA: Aging in Place

Senior Care in McLean VA: Aging in Place

1. How She’ll Get Around.

At some point, your senior family member may need to give up her car keys. This can be traumatic enough, but it’s even more difficult to face the idea that she may not be able to get where she needs to go. Start working out now where your aging adult can turn if she needs help with transportation.

2. What Kinds of Activities She’ll Do.

Staying active and engaged is an important way to help your senior keep her brain strong. What kinds of activities might she enjoy doing? Brain games, reading, and learning new skills and hobbies are all excellent ways to help your senior stay engaged.

3. How Safe She Is at Home.

If the neighborhood starts feeling less safe, you may want to consider additional options, such as a home alarm. Depending on the types of changes, it might be time for your elderly family member to consider moving to another location that is a little safer for her.

4. What Modifications Would Make Her Home Safer.

Neighborhood safety isn’t the only safety consideration, however. There’s also the matter of what modifications might need to be made in order to keep your senior safe. Smaller changes, such as adding hand rails to rooms, hallways, and stairways, are relatively easy to do. Other changes may require that you bring in experts who can handle the job for you.

5. How She’ll Get Help When She Needs It.

During the day or during times when you’re not available, your senior may need some extra help. Knowing how she’ll get that help can be soothing for both of you. You may want to hire senior care providers or ensure that family members will sign up for “shifts” to help.

Some of these issues may not be concerns right now for your aging adult, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have an idea of how you’d address them if they should crop up.

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