Eating breakfast is something that a lot of people never think twice about, whereas others skip breakfast regularly. If your senior needs to take morning medications with food or simply needs to get some nutrients into her body earlier in the day than she has been, breakfast is the answer.

Elderly Care in Alexandria VA: Encouraging Seniors to Eat Breakfast

Elderly Care in Alexandria VA: Encouraging Seniors to Eat Breakfast

Investigate Why She Doesn’t Want to Eat Breakfast.

For some people, breakfast has just never been something that they have enjoyed. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, you may be fighting an uphill battle with breakfast. Consider aiming more for brunch or an early lunch, if that’s the case. If the foods associated with breakfast are what doesn’t excite her, you can try coming up with other options.

Get Some Foods Ready in Advance.

Some breakfast foods are excellent when made in advance. Overnight oatmeal, for example, is better the next morning because it’s had time to soak up the liquid. Others, such as breakfast casseroles or even hard-boiled eggs, are fine in the refrigerator for a few days. This makes breakfast faster and as easy as simply grabbing something out of the fridge and going.

Forego Traditional Breakfast Foods.

If your elderly family member really just dislikes breakfast foods in general, consider axing them from the menu. Try favorite lunch or dinner foods in place of foods she actively dislikes. This might be enough to help your senior adjust to being someone who eats a little earlier in the day.

Talk to Her Doctor or Nutritionist.

You might also want to consider talking to your elderly family member’s doctor or working with a nutritionist. Both can help you to phrase the idea to your elderly family member in a way that impresses upon her the importance of eating a solid breakfast earlier in the day.

Once you come to a solution, make sure that you let other people who help your aging family member, such as elderly care providers, know what to expect when it comes to all of the meals they help prepare. That gives them some tools with which to provide balanced, healthy meals your aging family member will actually eat.

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