It’s amazing to see how intuitive and responsive gadgets are nowadays, thanks to modern technology. With home devices that can be controlled or activated by voice, it’s changing the way that elderly people take care of themselves, specifically those that have limited mobility due to illness or injury. Family caregivers should examine the latest innovative voice control gadgets that are ideal for seniors.

Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Voice Control Gadgets for Seniors

Caregiver in Fairfax VA: Voice Control Gadgets for Seniors

As the body ages, it can be harder to move around as easily as it once did. Voice control gadgets give seniors more independence as they can control their environment better and use the technology to better manage their time and their energies.

Here are 6 voice control gadgets that family caregivers should consider setting up for their elderly loved ones:

Alarm Clock.

Voice activated alarm clocks come with a range of features including the ability to turn it on or off with simple commands. Many versions also provide a weather report upon request as well as news headlines.


Complicated remote controls can confuse even the most tech-savvy user, and many seniors get frustrated at figuring them out. A voice activated television lets elderly people operate it without any buttons. With simple commands, they can make the TV turn on and off, change channels, and even access the internet.

Light Switches.

There are a range of voice activated controls for lights throughout the house, but perhaps the simplest are voice activated light switches. Seniors won’t have to stumble around trying to find the switches when they can simply speak and have them turn on or off.


With a simple installation, even a home’s thermostat can be hooked up to a voice control system. Seniors can control their comfort level using simple commands to turn on the heating or cooling systems.

Vacuum Cleaner.

It’s true—there are voice activated disc vacuum cleaners. These clever gadgets allow users to input a few programmed patterns to clean hard surface floors. Voice commands activate it from its docking station and after the job is done it returns to recharge.

Voice Control Personal Assistant.

One of the year’s most interesting voice activated gadget is the voice control personal assistant. It can accomplish a number of tasks, from making a shopping or to-do list to playing audio books. Other tasks it can do include looking up trivia, reading the news, giving reminders about appointments, weather reports, sports updates, telling the time, setting alarms, and tuning into local radio stations. They can even play music and movies on request.

There’s no doubt that voice control gadgets are transforming the way that seniors can stay independent for longer. Even when family caregivers and senior care assistants are around to help, many elderly people want to do as much for themselves as possible. With the power of their voice, they have more control over meeting their own needs, boosting their self-esteem and making it easier on everyone involved in their care.

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